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How to Find the Right Architect - Joe Wackerbauer

I ran across a great article on the internet by the eHow Home & Garden Editor that lays out the steps to take when engaging an architect.Over the last twenty five years I a have seen many projects go aria due to poor early planning.

Finding the right architect for the job is an essential beginning to your custom home-building project.


Step 1 -Ask for some recommendations. Check with friends, relatives, co-workers and the real estate agent who sold you your lot.
Step 2 -Inquire about the architect on any houses you see under construction that you particularly like. The blueprints on file with the town building department will have the architect's name and address.
Step 3-Interview several architects.
Step 4-Discuss your ideas with the candidates. Bring any sketches you've made.
Step5 -Consider how closely the architect pays attention to your description of what you want in a h ouse.
Step 6-Review several plans that the architect has completed in the past.
Step 7-Ask for client references, particularly those who have been living in their new homes for a while.
Step 8-Contact the references without the architect present. Ask the owners about both the experience of working with the architect and how well their new houses matched their expectations.
Step 9-Select the architect you feel most comfortable with.
Step 10-Have your attorney review the contract for the architect's services.
Step 11-Execute the contract and begin design work.

Tips & Warnings
· Try to negotiate a flat fee for the entire design project. Hourly fees can result in disputes, particularly when you feel that excessive hours were required because the architect didn't listen to your directions.
· Make sure that the architect is familiar with the building site. Click here to read the full article


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