Thursday, January 29, 2009

Okanagan Custom Home Build and Renovation Services for Kelowna

Custom Homes - At Okanagan Custom Homes we offer a pleasurable custom build experience and our past projects and testimonials are a great testament to creativity and proven examples of great home building.

Eco friendly and green Homes Victorian, Contemporary, Tudor and Santa-Fe Post and Beam Log Homes

Custom Finishing’s – At Okanagan Custom Homes we can be hired to put the final high quality finishing’s for your custom homes:

We specialize in the following areas of service:
Window liners and Trim Interior and exterior custom door installations Crown moulding Custom Stair cases and railings

Green Build Projects - At Okanagan Custom Homes green construction methods can be integrated into the build of your custom home. From design, construction, to build, the most significant benefits can be obtained, if the design and construction team takes an integrated approach from the earliest stages of a building project.

Potential benefits of green building can include:
Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems Improve air and water quality and insulation Reduce waste streams Conserve and restore natural resources Reduce operating costs Create, expand, and shape markets for green product and services Enhance occupant comfort and health Heighten aesthetic qualities Minimize strain on local infrastructure Improve overall quality of life

Renovations - From concept to completion Okanagan Custom Homes helps homeowners meet their construction and renovation goals. Okanagan Custom Homes will help guide you through your renovation project so that any change you make in your home meets all your needs, present and future.

Additions,Decks, Heavy Timber Construction, Gazebos
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get up to $1350 to renovate your Okanagan Custom Home with the Home Renovation Tax Credit Tax Credit

Canadians and home owners in Kelowna, BC who want to sod their lawns or renovate their bathrooms will get a tax break worth up to $1,350 as a key plank of the government's effort to inspire spending.

For a certain sector of consumers, 2009 could become the year of the reno, following the announcement Tuesday of a Home Renovation Tax Credit Tax Credit that lets taxpayers claim 15% of their fixups until Feb. 1, 2010.
"The HRTC will provide a temporary incentive for Canadians to undertake new renovation projects or accelerate planned future projects," the budget documents said, "thus providing timely stimulus to the Canadian economy while boosting energy efficiency and the value of Canada's housing stock."
The government said the incentive is expected to provide about $3-billion in tax relief to some 4.6 million families.
The credit, which is available for homes and cottages effective immediately, is designed to boost construction, forestry and other industries.Taxpayers can claim renovations on their 2009 tax returns on costs over $1,000, but not exceeding $10,000.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Find the Right Architect - Joe Wackerbauer

I ran across a great article on the internet by the eHow Home & Garden Editor that lays out the steps to take when engaging an architect.Over the last twenty five years I a have seen many projects go aria due to poor early planning.

Finding the right architect for the job is an essential beginning to your custom home-building project.


Step 1 -Ask for some recommendations. Check with friends, relatives, co-workers and the real estate agent who sold you your lot.
Step 2 -Inquire about the architect on any houses you see under construction that you particularly like. The blueprints on file with the town building department will have the architect's name and address.
Step 3-Interview several architects.
Step 4-Discuss your ideas with the candidates. Bring any sketches you've made.
Step5 -Consider how closely the architect pays attention to your description of what you want in a h ouse.
Step 6-Review several plans that the architect has completed in the past.
Step 7-Ask for client references, particularly those who have been living in their new homes for a while.
Step 8-Contact the references without the architect present. Ask the owners about both the experience of working with the architect and how well their new houses matched their expectations.
Step 9-Select the architect you feel most comfortable with.
Step 10-Have your attorney review the contract for the architect's services.
Step 11-Execute the contract and begin design work.

Tips & Warnings
· Try to negotiate a flat fee for the entire design project. Hourly fees can result in disputes, particularly when you feel that excessive hours were required because the architect didn't listen to your directions.
· Make sure that the architect is familiar with the building site. Click here to read the full article


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