Sunday, November 30, 2008

Joe Wackerbauer - Green Custom Home Development

Going green is not only a great choice for the Earth it's a big seller for Kelowna and Okanagan custom built homes. Eco-friendly options abound for custom home builders: Save water in the kitchen, reduce electricity use in the office and cut back on volatile organic compounds in building materials.

Custom home developers employ a multitude of techniques to decrease a home's carbon footprint. Some of the most common steps are installing solar panels and energy-efficient appliances and using low-flow toilets. But, there is much more available to developers of custom homes, such as using recycled building materials and installing radiant floors.
  • 1. Educate yourself on the requirements to become a green custom home builder and to understand the constantly evolving greener home options.

  • 2. Find local providers of eco-friendly materials. In custom home development, a contractor is more likely to keep customers happy by providing many options.

  • 3. Custom home community developers benefit from building green homes because the entire neighbourhood boasts a low carbon footprint.
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